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Commemorating Hu Yaobang, his life was fixed on April 15, 1989! His greatest achievement is to redress the wrong and wrong case! In fact, the rich and the bad of the right five types of molecules, only for the right to turn the case, the land rich and the bad one is not rehabilitated! The country is too big, and the sky does not know how many false and wrong cases exist in the society!

Sun Dawu 孙大午

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Some people say that it is very dangerous to have a sense of justice. It is also very dangerous to have a conscience. It is more dangerous to tell the truth. On the contrary: it is very common to see and forget the righteousness, and it is very moist to give a powerful sneak peek. It is very safe to lie, talk, talk, and talk. Therefore, people in this society are the relationship between flickering and being fooled. There is very little honesty and more is hypocrisy.

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No matter how rich you are, no matter how noble you are, the society does not have a fair justice, strength and weakness are temporary, no winner!

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Late justice is injustice!

Even if the outcome of the judicial decision is fair, if the decision is made too late, or if the party is informed that it is too late, such a decision is not true justice for the parties. - The problem is that there is no justice for the late!

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This expert will say: open the door to tell lies, close the door to tell the truth. Since this meeting is not a closed meeting, you have to be careful about speaking. I can't say that it is caused by bureaucracy plus formalism, but I can say that the southern epidemic is very serious now! I said that the southern epidemic is very serious. I did not say that the southern non-epidemic is very serious! (Laughter)

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The rule of law is the core technology
Author: Dr. SHENG Hong  

Director of Unirule Institutue of Economics


For example, Li Ning, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is suspected of embezzling public funds. No matter how the judicial decision is made, the most important thing is that the case has been dragged on for a long time. Since 2014, Li Ning has been detained and has not been released on bail according to law, so that the defendant can bear the cost of judicial inefficiency. It is a violation of personal freedom. Therefore, when we saw that the Chinese government responded to the Meng Wanzhou case and the two Canadians arrested were not on bail pending trial, they must think that this is actually the same as Li Ning’s experience and damaging China’s technological innovation.

In China's reality, these aspects of due process are often not implemented. If the court ruling is often made in advance by the “Political and Legal Committee”, it violates the principle of the judge’s independent and unintervened trial (Article 113 of the Constitution); and as the “TV confession” that is not uncommon in China, it violates the principle of  “not forcing any person's self-incrimination” (Article 50 of the Criminal Procedure Law). Article 33 of China's Criminal Procedure Law stipulates that criminal suspects “have the right to appoint defenders” from the very beginning, but after the Chinese government detains two Canadians, for a long time their family members have not  been allowed to visit them and they are not allowed to hire lawyers.



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SUN Dawu and D. Carlton Rossi

            May 9, 2003